Our buildings are designed using the benefits of 40 years experience in deer handling and are comprised of two critical elements; a building and a set of corrals. These two components are essential to successful deer handling; together they will accommodate a relatively large number of deer.

The building walls consist of tanalised plywood sheets mounted on horizontal rails supported on “telegraph pole” type posts. 

The corrals completely surround the building and are shaped to avoid corners and aid the flow of animals. They are big enough to contain relatively large numbers but small enough that you have control without over crowding. 

The corral gates are galvanised steel frames clad with plywood sheets.

Deercare Handling Building installed in Lincolnshire


All timber used in the building is tanalised including the ply sheets that line the pens.

Inside pens in deercare handling building  in Lincolnshire


Our buildings contain internal pens of various sizes for carrying out regular farmed deer treatments.

Corrals surrounding a building installed in Lincolnshire


Corrals surrounding the building contain the deer that have been gathered prior to handling.


  • Constructed from steel to BS 5502 and fully galvanised to BS 729

  • Concrete floor

  • All timber used in the building is tanalised 

  • Lined with tanalised timber ply sheets

  • Fibre-cement roof sheets in a choice of colours

  • Ventilation by means of Yorkshire boarding on upper walls

  • Internal pens of various sizes

Fencing and raceways leading up to the Handling System are also very important but are not provided by us.

Deer in corrals
Outside a deercare handling building installed in Lincolnshire
Outside a completed deercare handling building in Lincolnshire
A completed deercare building on Hitra island, Norway.
Inside partially constructed deercare building on Hitra island, Norway.
View of corrals and outtside of deercare handling building in Lincolnshire
Completed deercare handling building, Cornwall
Deercare building construction in progress, Northumberland.
Deer from Horridge Farm, North Devon